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About Us | Custom Scuba Diving Cylinder Covers in minutes.

Garedd Strange – Founder of Scubacool Ltd

What happens when you take a scuba diver who loves the deep waters and let him be creative with his equipment? Some new ideas could emerge to make your diving experience even better. That is what happened when Garedd Strange, founded Scubacool to provide diving enthusiasts with access the best scuba diving cylinder covers, so that you can quickly and easy customise your scuba ding tank or cylinder.

I have been diving for a number of years now and, as with many other people, fell in love with it straight away! Can diving be beaten as something fun to do with great people? Just after qualifying, I was having my new cylinder refilled when I noticed that all the cylinders looked the same. I suddenly realized that there was no way to easily and quickly identify my cylinder.

  • What if someone takes my cylinder by accident?
  • What if the school, club or shop thought my cylinder was theirs?
  • How could I prove my scuba diving cylinder was mine?
  • How can I prevent any mix-ups?
  • Underwater, everyone-even my dive buddy looks the same!
  • Take pictures of a group underwater and everyone looks the same!

I tried all sorts of different things to identify my cylinder, to make it look more personalised and cool.

These are some of the commonly available scuba diving cylinder options I tried and ultimately just did not work!

Mesh net

Not so great. Mine slip during a dive. They do not handle the abuse of the dive boat well and mine became worn and broken after a couple of dives.


They add buoyancy, slip, wore out quickly and were, frankly, boring.

Paint and Powder Coating

Wow, what a nightmare. Firstly, painting a scuba cylinder is something for the professionals (or at least someone who knows what they are doing) and is NOT cheap, I was quoted around 120+ GBP. So I painted my cylinder myself (with non-toxic paints). The paint would come off after just one dive. I am no artist so getting my cylinder to look ‘cool’ was a just not going to happen by my hand!


I met all kinds of problems with stickers. They rubbed off, got bleached in the sun and left a sticky residue when I had to take them off to get my cylinder serviced/inspected. *Scubacool are able to offer EU approved gas labels so no need for the stickers some dive shops and other companies offer for diving cylinders as they too have a tendency to come off.

What if there was an easy way to customise my cylinder with a really great design, change it when I want to, display all the test/hydro stamps for refills and remove it in seconds for inspections etc.?

ScubaCool Cylinder designs is the answer.

Get a custom design on your scuba diving cylinder in minutes.

Pick a design that suits your mood, character or style. Your imagination is your limitation. Why not get in touch and we can put a scuba tank cover design together that’s ‘Just For You’.

Just about any design you like! Fitted in minutes and without any hassle!