Are You Ready For A Dive?

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Are You Ready For A Dive?

Are You Ready For A Dive?

Getting ready for a dive is an equally fascinating experience as the dive itself. Whether you are exploring the reefs in Down Under or exploring some underwater caves in the Hawaiian Islands, you should be completely geared up before even you think of a dive. You would find all information and instructions at any diving site or before you take the plunge from the boat but it is always wiser to know a fair bit in advance about the nitty-gritty.

Here are the things that you would need handy.

Starting with the simplest things first, you would need a wetsuit. Now, a wetsuit is not just the complete one piece suit you put on your body but it also includes a hood, gloves, boots and fins. All of these collectively form a wetsuit. There are several tools and accessories you are going to need on a dive and the extensive list, although of small items, includes a submersible pressure gauge, timer, depth gauge, compass or a wrist console that holds more than that, buoyancy compensator, backpack, weight belt, harness, gear bag, dry suit mitts and oxygen cylinders along with a well stocked first aid case.

There may be several other items of necessity depending on the type of dive and what kind of environment you are heading to and that list may include a scuba regulator, snorkels, special masks or anything that may be desired for the specific dive.

When you are ready with all the equipment and the gear, it is important to mark them so that people do not misplace their essentials. When heading for a dive, it is easy to not keep track of your belongings and someone else can mistake your mask for theirs or you could take away someone’s tank thinking of it as yours. Unless you have something on you all the time and there is no chance of getting them misplaced with someone else’s inventory, it is important to keep up a demarcation or using a certain way to identify your possessions.
Wetsuits cannot be misplaced since they are not always the same and you would have them on you. Gear are more or less of the same standard when people go on a dive but tanks can get misplaced. Using products such as ScubaCool, you can make sure your tank never gets misplaced or mixed up.

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