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Dive Magazine | Test Centre Review

Pimp your cylinders with these personal covers. While always making sure my cylinders are in test, cosmetically they could be described as leaving a lot to be desired. Transporting them in and out of cars and vans, on and off boats, plus regular shore diving tends to leave its mark and while professional repainting may […]

DeadlyPR – Press Release – ScubaCool Offer Divers The Ability To Personalize Your Diving Cylinders

ScubaCool Offer Divers The Ability To Personalize Your Diving Cylinders ScubaCool is an innovative and revolutionary business which has thus far helped thousands of divers to customize their scuba diving cylinders with any images or graphics of their choice. The concept behind Scuba Cool is that if Scuba divers are able to customize their diving cylinders, […]

Where to Dive

Where to Dive For centuries, people wondered what it would be like if only man could go deep into the ocean and see amazing underwater sights. Today, divers are doing just that all over the world. Would-be divers have to take instruction and once they have received their certification all they need is their basic […]

Scuba dive

Scuba dive Tanks, regulators, wet suits, masks…the equipment can add up fast! Though with proper care and maintenance, they could last years. Defective equipment can also cause severe injuries or even death. Since diving gear is so expensive, you will want to take certain steps before and after each scuba dive to make sure your […]

Dive Shop

Dive shop If you want to learn how to scuba dive the first step would be to visit your local dive shop. The employees will be able to help you find the gear you need, let you try them on and answer any questions you may have. Many shops also have their own scuba diving […]