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Dive shop

If you want to learn how to scuba dive the first step would be to visit your local dive shop. The employees will be able to help you find the gear you need, let you try them on and answer any questions you may have. Many shops also have their own scuba diving classes. Although there are many brands and products to choose from, each diver will need the same basic gear.

Mask, breathing apparatus, fins and a wet suit are a must and all can be purchased at a dive shop! Masks are essential because they cover your nose and eyes to prevent them from being exposed to the water and debris. A mask should fit comfortably to your face while still remaining water tight. Leaking will ruin a dive very quickly. Without one you won’t be able to see the natural beauty underneath the water’s surface.

Fins are very helpful to maneuver around the water. They can be made of rigid or flexible plastic and are made for both hot and cold temperatures. And whatever you do…do not go into the shop asking for “flippers” !

Wet suits help to keep your body warm when diving into colder waters and work to keep your skin safe. Suits help prevent cuts and scratches from coral and other things as well as keeping your skin from absorbing so much water. They come in different styles and thicknesses depending on which terrain and temperatures you plan on exploring.

Whether you want a snorkel or an oxygen tank, you will need a breathing apparatus. Snorkels are fine in shallow waters where your head will be close to the water’s surface. However, by using a tank you will be able to have much more freedom as far as water depth and distance from the boat. Though there are many brands of tanks, they all have a similar build and design.

Other divers like to bring along other accessories. Such as knives, save-a-dive kits, and gloves. Knives or other cutting tools can be used when you are snagged on something and need to be cut free. Gloves are a great way to protect a diver’s hands from being damaged. Once you have visited your local dive shop and have completed your scuba diving lessons, you will be ready to hop in and enjoy natures wonders under the water.

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