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How it works

How to fit your design

We recommend that you read ALL of these instructions carefully.

  • Keep your design rolled in the delivery tube until you are ready to fit it, as this will keep it clean and safe.
  • Clean your cylinder to remove anything that might damage your graphic or any debris from your last dive
  • Ensure that your tank has been indoors at room temperature for at least a couple of hours. Check that the scuba diving tank valve protector is secure.
  • Put your design around your cylinder in the desired place.
  • If necessary, cut or trim the design to fit your tank (These are final adjustments to suit your personal tank, the design has been supplied to fit the tank size you specified, but there may be slight variations and you may have a boot.)
  • Pop the plastic sleeve over the cylinder and design ensuring at least 1″ (25mm) of the sleeve over the design top and bottom.
  • Make sure the seam of the sleeve is at the back of your tank so as not to interfere with your design.
  • Grab a hairdryer, slowly and evenly heat the sleeve starting at the back (the side that will be against your BCD).
  • Working from the centre going up then down to remove air pockets whilst shrinking.
  • Don’t go too close as you will burn or wrinkle the sleeve. It should start to shrink to your scuba diving cylinder.
  • Keep going until you are happy that the plastic sleeve has evenly and completely shrunk with minimum creases.