Scuba dive

Scuba dive

Scuba dive

Tanks, regulators, wet suits, masks…the equipment can add up fast! Though with proper care and maintenance, they could last years. Defective equipment can also cause severe injuries or even death. Since diving gear is so expensive, you will want to take certain steps before and after each scuba dive to make sure your safety.

Salt water in particular can wreck scuba gear. It has very corrosive properties. When the water evaporates the salt crystals are left. These crystals can build up causing rips and tears in your gear as well as affect the flow in your breathing apparatus. Always rinse all gear with fresh water once completing a scuba dive to prevent this.

Wet suits should be washed in a tub or bucket filled with fresh water and detergent. This will remove all skin oils and debris. You may even add a desalinization solution. Never dry in a dryer! When hanging up to dry, inspect the suit for any rips, tears, or weak spots. Some dive shops offer repair services.

Regulator sets can be very finicky. Always rinse with plenty of fresh running water to remove all debris and residues. If anything builds up in the regulator, it could create compromised oxygen flow or the regulator to run constantly. Neither would result good. Rinse and inspect the hoses as well.

Buoyancy compensators’ need to be flushed immediately after diving. They will keep water and this water must escape. To do so, disconnect it and connecting lines, turn over, and press the deflation button. Once deflated rinse well. If salt builds up in here, it could puncture the bladder.

Oxygen tanks can have catastrophic failures if not maintained well. After the dive they need to be rinsed thoroughly and looked over for any scratches , dings, and pitting. Once the structural integrity of the tank has been compromised, the oxygen tank is junk. After all, it needs to be able to contain pressurized air. Always store your tank in an upright position.

After your equipment has been rinsed and dried, you will need to store it in a cool dry place. Do not leave in sunlight for long periods of time. Doing so may cause warping and cracking in your scuba diving gear. Direct sunlight can also fade the colors in your suit, mask and fins.

If you keep your gear clean and only use safe accessories that don’t affect the integrity and safety of your gear ( like those found at , you will be able to thoroughly enjoy your scuba dive.

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