ScubaCool Is A Must Have For Your Diving Cylinder

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ScubaCool Is A Must Have For Your Diving Cylinder

ScubaCool Is A Must Have For Your Diving Cylinder

Misplacing your diving equipment, especially the cylinder is extremely common. There are too many white tanks, yellow ones and black ones at the diving sites and the likelihood of someone mistaking your cylinder to be his or hers is immense. No passionate diver would wish to get their diving equipment mixed up, whether at the site, on the boat or at the refilling store. The only way to make sure that this doesn’t happen is you would need an innovative way to distinguish your diving cylinder from the rest.

Following meticulous analyses of many materials and methods that are normally used to personalize diving equipment, ScubaCool certainly stands out with its unique approach. More than the customization benefit, it is the style and coolness that impresses. ScubaCool is a PVC based sheet which bears a design of your choice, it is weather proof, waterproof and resistive to dust, wear and tear and you can install it yourself. You may find resonance of the ScubaCool with advertisement hoardings or banners.

The unique element of the ScubaCool is that you can have any design you can possibly think of. The company, Scuba Cool Ltd has its own range of designs which is at your disposal or you can create your own design, email it to them and get the product delivered at your doorstep in a few days. The designs could be anything. They can be images or pictures, simple messages, large icons or a detailed painting. The installation is a simple process and you can attend to it alone or get a friend or family member to help you, just to make it even easier.

ScubaCool does away with all the shortcomings that other materials and methods have. Whether you look at mesh nets, neoprene covers, paint or stickers, they all have their fair share of problems. Mesh nets are not robust and an unwise investment, neoprene covers slip out and do not look enticing at all, paint is clearly not a solution since spending close to a hundred pounds and then watching it wash off in one dive is clearly not desirable and stickers can actually do more damage to the surface of the cylinder than good.

From a holistic perspective, ScubaCool is certainly a cool way to customize your cylinder without any sticky feels, fear of having it washed off or any wearing off in one dive, a worthwhile investment and an easy solution for your diving equipment.

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